Josephs Boarding College; Santa Fe Indian College or university; Seneca Indian College or university; Sequoyah Highschool; Sherman Institute; Tuskahoma Women Academy; Wheelock Academy

Josephs Boarding College; Santa Fe Indian College or university; Seneca Indian College or university; Sequoyah Highschool; Sherman Institute; Tuskahoma Women Academy; Wheelock Academy

February 1, 2024

Josephs Boarding College; Santa Fe Indian College or university; Seneca Indian College or university; Sequoyah Highschool; Sherman Institute; Tuskahoma Women Academy; Wheelock Academy

Agnes Academy; St

Topic Access Terms and conditions: Albuquerque Indian College or university; Bacone College; Bloomfield Seminary; Carter Seminary; Chemawa Indian College; Cheyenne and you can Arapaho School; Chilocco Boarding College; Dwight Purpose; El Meta Bond School; Euchee Boarding College; Eufaula Indian University; Haskell Institute; Jones Male Academy; Murray County University from Farming; Nuyaka College or university and you will Orphanage; Oklahoma Presbyterian College or university to have Girls; Oklahoma University into Blind; Oklahoma College or university on Deaf; Dated Goodland Indian Orphanage; Phoenix Indian College; Riverside Indian College; St. Agnes Mission; St. Elizabeths Boarding School; St.

Textual Suggestions (during the Denver): Info relating to wood business contracts, 1958-64. Size sheet sets and you can account of timber clipped, 1960-80. Private Indian currency (IIM) ledgers, 1945-64. IIM publish and you will control information, 1958-69. Law and you may order account, 1960-67. Annuity payrolls and associated communications, 1953-57. Records according to wood selling deals, 1958-64. Local copy instructions, 1898-1910. Correspondence with Indian agency superintendents, 1909-41.

Dining table data from Superintendents Charles Age. Coe, 1910-twenty-five, and you can Colson C. Wright, 1917-51. Chronological records, 1935-forty-eight. Characters provided for this new Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 1898-1914. Miscellaneous telecommunications with the Commissioner of Indian Factors, 1900-thirty six. Miscellaneous letters obtained, 1898-1910. Miscellaneous management telecommunications, memorandums, and rounded letters, 1891-1953. Topic records, 1907-45. s sent and you may obtained, 1910-43. Agencies inner interaction, 1933-43. Various profile, 1904-38. Annual analytical reports, 1926-thirty six. Management info, 1909-52. Appropriation ledgers, 1917-41. Number away from invoices and you may disbursements, 1875- 1918. Agency accounting info, 1908-forty eight. Info away from heirship hearings, 1907-fifteen. Allotment communications, 1908-34. Personal allottee information, 1910-20. Annuity payrolls and associated details, 1903-44. Homes patent information, 1908-21. Personal Indian currency (IIM) ledger sheet sets, 1918-45; ledgers, 1945-54; post and handle facts, 1925-57; schedules off choices and you can transfers off IIM, 1945-52; and you will times out-of disbursements of IIM, 1950-52. Belongings assessment ideas, 1912-18. Communications or any other suggestions concerning your submarginal residential property purchase endeavor, 1934-37. Residential property classification instance data, 1910-20. Flathead Reservation townsite it allows and you can related communication, 1910-11. Details based on tree government, 1910-52. Property lease agreements and associated ideas, 1909-58. Records concerning the grazing program, 1910- 57; and you can grazing permit circumstances files, 1953-sixty. Records in accordance with water have fun with, 1911-33. Street fix and you may construction communications, 1916-49. Highway account, 1933-forty-eight. Road endeavor case data, 1929-50. Revolving borrowing from the bank loan circumstances files, 1934-54. Information based on reimbursable deals, 1912-sixty. Wildlife management communications, 1927-42. Indian Emergency Conservation Really works communications, 1930-42. Interaction of the Civil Preservation Corps-Indian Office, 1933-42. Flathead Agency registration correspondence, 1908-39. Census communication, 1930- forty-five. Census rolls, 1913-forty. Tribal council communication, 1941-5. Minutes from tribal council group meetings, 1935-41. Tribal election voter registration listings and you may procedural memorandums, 1935-thirty-six. Disaster save communication and profile, 1926-forty-two. Rehabilitation correspondence and you can accounts, 1933-42. Communications and records per American Red-colored Cross rescue points, 1926-32. Interaction of your own Municipal Really works Management, 1933-35; Functions Progress Administration, 1935-39; Really works Strategies Administration, 1939-42; and National Teens Management, 1936-42. Contracts to own care of created Indians, 1909-51. Info towards pensions, social defense, and interests, 1936-54. Appeal case data, 1937. Education program telecommunications, 1923-53. Public school correspondence and you can attendance records, 1918-52. School censuses out of Indian pupils, 1912-43. Indian boarding colleges communication, 1905-forty five. Time and you may boarding universities attendance reports, 1899-1917. Communications, records, censuses, or other records about Rugged Hill College Region, 1898-1952.

Individual Indian bookkeeping info, 1933-51

Textual Info (inside Kansas Area): Main subject document, 1907-twenty two. Annual analytical profile, 1919-20. Belongings patents and you will heirship documents, 1918-20. Correspondence of your own Checker regarding Genetics, 1915-17. Details away from Independence Bond requests, 1918-20. Dates of conversion regarding homes and you will wood, 1913.

Textual Ideas (into the La, but because the indexed): Communications of the acting commissary regarding subsistence, 1875-77. Emails obtained because of the article physician, 1877-91. Characters delivered, 1901-14. Characters and telegrams received, 1891-1910. Chronological telecommunications, 1911-19. Alphabetical communications, 1914-twenty-seven. Main subject files, 1911-51. Quarterly accounts of your own Profession Matron, 1903-6. Financial suggestions, 1898-1917. Rationing info, 1943-forty-five. Farm mathematical account, 1903-ten. Forestry and logging facts, 1923-32. Grazing permits, 1903-17. Diversity tool case data, 1911-30. Individual Indian money (IIM) ledgers, 1918-55. IIM ledgers, 1946-64 (inside the Denver).Semiannual abstracts, 1928-49, transaction check in, 1928-33, and you may discounts and you can associated facts, 1944-44. Abstracts away from annuity offers provided to Indians, 1898-1917. Duplicates away from inspections given, 1958-61 (during the Denver). Information in accordance with reimbursable purchases, 1916-41. Suggestions of your own Civil Conservation Corps-Indian Section, 1933-43. People licenses, 1897-1908. Information away from Indian legal instances, 1903-12. Extension solution suggestions, 1930-35. Indian rehabilitation system facts, 1936-40. Indian census moves and you will relevant details, 1890-1943. Suggestions based on training, 1898-1910, 1934-forty eight. Signing device price documents, 1946-57 (inside the Denver).

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